Leonard Wiens

September 09, 2020 Aaron Pete/ Leonard Wiens Episode 11
Leonard Wiens
Show Notes

Leonard Wiens is the Manager of the Royal Hotel Chilliwack, a father, husband and role model for the community he serves.

The Royal Hotel Chilliwack was built in 1908 and has served guests for 110 years. This local gem holds the history of individuals who helped build the community of Chilliwack. Leonard Wiens takes being a steward for this heritage site seriously. In this podcast we discuss the different ways he tries to keep this heritage site relevant to the community.

In the second half of the podcast we discuss his role as a father, husband and family man. We discuss the complex decisions an individual must make when getting married, having children and choosing a career. Infused in this part of the discussion is the way religious values helps guide these complex issues.

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