Shanal Prasad

September 16, 2020 Aaron Pete/ Shanal Prasad Episode 12
Shanal Prasad
Show Notes

Shanal Prasad is a lawyer, Chartered Professional Accountant, and owner of Alpine Legal Services. He has also faced immense adversity throughout his life.

Growing up near Langley, B.C., Shanal attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University where he graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Accounting. Throughout this time, he worked for his family business building and installing cabinets and doing home renovations, while also running his own tutoring business and volunteering in the community. It was during these times that Shanal developed a passion for working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and providing assistance to those who need it.

After graduating with his BBA, Shanal went on to obtain his CMA (now CPA) designation, while working in a variety of roles in industry. At this point, Shanal decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Lawyer, and enrolled in Thompson Rivers University’s Faculty of Law, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate. During the summers between law school, Shanal volunteered with the UBC Law Students’ Legal Advice Program where he provided free legal services to low-income persons.

After law school, Shanal completed his articles at a law firm in the Fraser Valley where he also worked as an Associate. From there, Shanal branched off to start his own law firm, Alpine Legal Services, in Chilliwack where he presently resides. His practice areas include business law, real estate law, and wills and estates law. A firm believer in giving back, Shanal serves on the board of directors of Community Futures South Fraser, and also volunteers his services through Access Pro Bono. As a self-proclaimed "tech-geek", his approach to running his law firm is to fully embrace, utilize, and leverage the latest in technology as much as possible, and to ensure his practice is streamlined, flexible, and efficient in order to maximize value for his clients and to save them time and money.

Shanal is a member in good standing with the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and Canada, as well as the Law Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association.

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