Chief David Jimmie

October 07, 2020 Aaron Pete / David Jimmie Episode 14
Chief David Jimmie
Show Notes

David Jimmie is a father, husband, Chief, community leader, President of both the Sto:lo Nation and Ts'elxweyeqw Tribe. He has worked hard to build relationships between indigenous communities and various levels of government. 

David Jimmie is the Chief and CEO of Squiala First Nation located in Chilliwack, BC. He is the President of Sto:lo Nation representing 10 Sto:lo communities and is also the President of the Ts’elxweyeqw Tribe representing 7 communities. He is the former co-chair alongside the National Chief for the National Chief’s Committee on Fiscal Relations and is now a board member on the National Joint Advisory Committee on Fiscal Relations. David also owns and operates a DJimmie Construction (DJC) which has built 224 homes and 175 apartment units in Chilliwack, BC and Westbank, BC. DJC is currently building a 330-unit townhome development in Chilliwack. 

David is a strong believer in living through experience which led him to purchase an around the world ticket in 2008 to embark on a journey that would carry him through 19 countries in 1 year. He is currently exploring new ventures to diversify revenue streams for Squiala and the Ts’elxwyeqw while ensuring rights and title are protected. David is a strong advocate for education and culture and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and is also a Licensed Residential Builder.


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