Bill Turnbull

October 13, 2020 Aaron Pete / Bill Turnbull Episode 15
Bill Turnbull
Show Notes

Bill Turnbull is a husband, entrepreneur, owner of the Town Butcher, and community leader.

Bill Turnbull is the owner and operator of the Town Butcher in Chilliwack, BC. Mr. Turnbull was working at IGA, and wondered why they did not offer local meats from farmers. Through asking this question, The Town Butcher was born. Bill Turnbull created the Town Butcher to provide local, hormone free, GMO free, high quality meat to the community. Mr. Turnbull has put a lot of work into turning the Town Butcher into a community landmark. He works hard to support local initiatives and charities through his business.

In this conversation we talk about a lot. We discuss chicken, turkey, beef, culture, community, responsibility, leadership, the Canadian Military, Chilliwack, small businesses and personal growth.

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